The Train video transmitter (TVT) can transmit both video and control signals over long distances via a suitable cable media. Here, the TVT supports multiple operation of up to three devices on one bus. Through various I/Os the TVT can interact with existing video systems and thus can be incorporated by means of a flexible configuration of the unit's controller.

A simple I/O box, which e.g. may transmit alarm signals via TCP connections to a video server.

Product's history

Here's an excerpt from the hardware developments established by VAS GmbH in recent years:

Product Function End Customer
VM64/VM256 Video compression plugin card for PC Bank branch offices
TBC Autonomous device for synchronization of 16 video signals to reach a multiplexed recording rate of 25 frames / sec. Bank branch offices
UniBof Automatic commercial recognition on TV Media Control
VSM256-4 Video compression plugin card for 32 channels of video Logistik/DIVIS German Parcel
HScale Hardware Scaler PC-card für driving simulations (Driving Schools) Simutech
STE_PCI Video compression plugin card for studio quality Steenbeck/JVC
NetRec DSP based video compression plugin card for PC and industrial sector Videotronic

Monitoring of songs played in discotheques (Statistics for GEMA)

Media Control
MobiETX First mobile recording device using an ETX computer module (8 video inputs) Videotronic/RP
RoadRunner 2000/4000 Low-cost, mobile recording device with only one processor for compression (JPEG) / Storage (2 or 4 video inputs) Videotronic/RP
RR12000 Low-cost mobile recording device with only one processor for compression (JPEG) / storage and network communications (12 video inputs)  
MDVR 6/12 und Rail Mobile recording unit with 6 or 12 video inputs, multi-processor system (2 x video DSP, 1 x video processor and 1 Power PC), MPEG compression Verint
TVT Transmission system of video signals and data on couplings in the railway sector Verint
VSM48-6 DSP video compression plugin card with 48 video inputs for the logistics sector Logistik/DIVIS
R8c Mobile recording unit with 8 channels in a compact design R2P
R16 Mobile, hybrid recording device with 16 channels of video encoding to H.264/JPEG R2P

A PCI plug-in card for video grabbing and compression based on a Texas Instruments TMS320DM642 DSP.  With it's six CVBS A/D converters the card can handle image grabbing at a total of 150fps from it's 48 analog video inputs. The available Linux driver allows different modes of operation as well as the parameterization of image settings.

The product range developed by VAS extends from compression plug-in cards for servers or PCs to complete autonomous devices in mobile video surveillance.

As a contract developer, we of course are bound to discretion, if desired by our customers.
So this discretion reduces our list of available sales-products by a considerable amount.

Anyway, you can find an excerpt from the hardware developments established by VAS GmbH in recent years in our Product's History section.